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Our services are restricted to persons below 18 years of age. By accessing the website, registering it shall be deemed that you are legally competent to enter into a contract and have capacity to agree to terms and conditions.


The website provides you the information on weight management and confidence through eBooks and the personal program focused on particular individuals. When you join our program or read information on weight management, you understand that these programs could be detrimental to your health and involve certain degree of risk. Information provided on the website and personal program is neither a medical advice nor diagnosis and not be considered as such. The company strongly urges you to take medical advice from a medical professional before and throughout the use of our program.


The information on website and personal services should not be construed as a substitute for physician consultation, diagnosis or treatment. By signing in/registering hereby, you agree that, before using the services, you shall consult your physician, throughout the program particularly if you are at risk for problems due to physical exertion or changes in your diet. You here by agree to assume all the risks that include risks to your health and safety related to you joining the program or your registration at our website for using the displayed information or eBooks. You hereby agree to waive any claim of liability in present or future against the company, its affiliates, representatives or agents arising out of you joining our program or buy our eBooks. Our website information and program is intended for use only by healthy individuals above the age of 18 years and is not intended for use by minors (below 18 years of age) or individuals with any kind of medical condition or allergies.



You can have access to our website by registering an account with us. In this event you agree to provide the company with your complete and accurate details. This account enables you to have a limited access to some portions of the website. Whenever your personal data becomes incomplete, you also agree to promptly update the personal data to make it complete. It shall be your sole and prime responsibility to protect your account and not allow an unauthorized person to access your account. You agree not to share your account details like username and password with someone else. You also own the responsibility for maintaining your account and for all the action taken by any person permitted by you to operate/access your account. You also hereby agree to indemnify the company or its associates against any damages or losses incurred due to the use of your account by yourself or any unauthorized or authorized use of your account by someone else.



User generated content shall include the material provided to company by you in any web form. It shall include but not limited to photographs, video files, sound recording files, words or images, information, comments, opinions and data in any form provided by you or any other person or third party at your behest or provided by any third party who accessed your account with or without your permission.

 You can provide the (user content) that’s purely owned by you or you have been permitted by the owner of that content to provide. User generated content provided to the company shall comply with the following:

  1. You own the content
  2. You are authorized by the owner of content to provide user content to the company
  3. It does not infringe the third party rights including but not limited to trademarks, intellectual property rights, copyrights, proprietary rights, privacy and any other right provided by the nation.
  4. User content does not violate any local, or international law.


When you provide the UGC to the company, you also assign the company and its associates a right to use the user content in any manner and any media that the company deems fit. You also give the company a perpetual, exclusive and royalty free right worldwide that is irrevocable. You also relinquish any ownership right what so ever you had over the UGC. You also agree to indemnify the company against any damages or losses incurred due to violation of these provisions by you.



You agree that any information in part or full provided to you is generic in nature and cannot be followed in the face of medical contra-indication. You are required to consult your Doctor before joining the personal program or reading the eBooks. Sole responsibility for taking up the eBook content or personal program shall lie with you and company shall not be held responsible whatsoever arising out.


The terms and conditions and any modification to terms and condition shall be deemed executed at the place of company. You agree to be governed by the local government laws and within the jurisdiction of the courts located within the state where company is located. 


Legal fees and attorney’s fees shall be beard by the individual parties including any modification in terms and conditions. 


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