‘Slim Pickings’ — pardon the pun ladies, but I am sure you would agree that such term would best describe the traditional ‘brick and mortar’ shopping ‘expedition’ for casual or business attire.  Such traditional shopping always an exercise in futility for any female with ‘meat on their bones’ and a
curve on the hips and waist as the fashions for sale speak loudly of a partiality in the fashion
marketplace towards those females who aspire to be like the ‘cool’ fashion models and celebs of big and small screen with sizes ranging from 2 to 8.  ‘Frustrating and futile,’ fumes many females who are of the typical statistics for plus size, 14 — up to size 34, as cited in a 2012 report by Business Insider.


True indeed, the fashion industry, which includes those creative fashion designers, and the traditional clothing stores of ‘brick and mortar’ have set their sites on pleasing and appeasing those feminine appetites for a ‘perfect thin body size’ and remain steadfastly reticent in stocking much, if any, full figured inventory.  Some of the reasons cited include those spoken by fashion designers who do not want their ‘brand’ worn by fuller bodied females, the extra work and expense required to create a properly fitted garment that the market base is not willing to pay the price for, and that the fuller bodied females are not buying clothes in same quantity as those of a more sleek physique.  Simply put, women of a healthy weight have not been seen as good source for healthy profit to the retail merchants’ bottom line.

On The Plus Side


While this traditional retail shopping experience could bring a discouragement of your healthy body shape for lack of choices and styles, on-line shopping sites are now picking up the ‘slack’ — as well as skirts, blouses, and dresses, to bring wardrobes up-to-date. On-line shopping allows for browsing in the comfort of home while easily comparing prices of different on-line stores, there are abundant styles and sizes of dresses, tops, jeans and slacks that traditional retail cannot keep on hand due to low turnover of merchandise. When shopping on-line, what you want is there for you to order: see it, buy it, and it is
delivered right to your door!  Without doubt, convenience best sums up the on-line shopping marketplace!


Where To Shop

Ashley Stewart is the place for those looking for the ‘iconic’ yet trendy dress, top or jeans for business or casual.  The Charlotte Russe on-line store, in the business of women’s fashions since 1975, is now accessible on-line with very budget-friendly and trending woman’s fashions for business and casual.
MyCurvyStore offers a wide selection of 1, 2, as well as 3X dresses, for the tall and full figured female as
well as tops, slacks and fashion accessories.  The Nike Plus Size e-commerce site is worthy of browsing for the casual, active lifestyle clothing that Nike is well known for in shorts, active wear, tank tops, hoodies, swimwear, socks even! Check it out.  The chic and curvy shoppers also are active, Nike understands! Fashion To Figure brings a vast selection of designer dresses, jackets, denim jeans, jumpsuits as trendy as that of the ‘thin is in’ crowd wears. Rose gal is the site for those who love conservative and classic or what Rose gal calls ‘vintage’ — blouses, dresses, coats, and dresses.  Modern, yet always ‘in,’ the Rose gal fashion site and such others as Torrid, BooHoo, Fashion Nova will bring you to a wide selection of clothing styles. Another interesting site is Curvy Sewing Collective that inspires the creative spirit in you to design your own clothing along with where to purchase the sewing patterns needed.

The doors are finally opening to you and many like you who have been ignored for too long! Strut out of the rut of accepting whatever is on the rack.  There is an abundance of styles for you to peruse!


A Word On Sizes


While the U.S. government tried in the Great Depression, the 50’s, the 70’s and as late as the 90’s to arrive at a standard measure for women’s clothing sizes, the results was always the same: there is no standard size for the female body that would fit to a specific size chart.  In 1983, it was left to the fashion industry and designers to decide what size to put on a tag.  With that understanding, we caution females that what you see is not what you might get.  It gives reason for those UGGGH, ARRRGH and groans emanating from fitting rooms!  It involves how fashion manufacturers size a garment and is called vanity sizing.  Vanity sizing is complicated but just remember the better, high-end clothes brands will use more fabric and why one size 14 slacks may fit perfectly while a less costly lower end brand of same size will be snug. In other words, it is not always your fault with regards how clothing fits your body shape.


  • To get a good fit, do not look at the size on the tag but instead measure the garment’s hip, waist, and
    bust as it relates to your hip size, waist size, and bust size.


  • Keep in mind American clothing manufacturers size female garments in categories of Junior Miss, Miss and Women. The Junior Miss is smaller than the Missy fit and, of course, Woman sizes are largest. Purchase clothes with regards your height, your weight, your hip, waist, and bust size and do not try assimilating the tag size purchased in Woman’s department to the same size in the Young Miss department.  Keep in mind that European designer sizing are known for slimmer hips and wider waist while in America, the waist is slimmer and the hips are fuller.


  • Stay true to your body’s proportions to look good, leave some ‘wiggle room’ in what you wear to look and feel comfortable and others will see you as comfortable with who you are. Don’t go too Let
    common sense guide you.