Ashley Graham is one of the most body confident women we know and her attitude has inspired millions of curvy and plus size women around the world. A queen of style and confidence, she’s the go-to girl for the best fashion advice. Why? Easy: because she can make you go from a regular curvy woman to a stylish one.

Ashley recently appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated, showcasing her fabulous look after her recent weight loss in bathing suits and attitude and inspiring women everywhere. It is not easy being a plus size woman in a world that still promotes size 0, but she manages with success to break these fashion barriers and be a real model for weight challenged women.

As her street style and red carpet outfits have already impressed everyone, here’s some advice from her, for the curvy and plus size women out there wanting to live their style to the fullest.


Ashley Graham teaches curvy and plus size women most important fashion rules

Read in and get inspired, because Ashley has the most genius styling tips that every curvy girl can use. Trust her, she’s a model. And not just in the classical sense.


#1 Skinny black jeans are always your allies.

In an interview for People Now, Ashley Graham declared her love for a combination of skinny black jeans with an oversized white T-shirt and black motto jacket. Just nip the t-shirt in at the waist and you’re ready to go out and face the day fiercely. Plus, you’ll look really cool which will add to your level of self-confidence. This seems to be one of the model’s favorite combinations and she rocks this type of simple, but effective outfit every time.


#2 Use a crop top to your advantage.

It’s not always easy, but if Ashley can do it, we all can. The secret if you have weight low in your abdomen is to show a little bit of skin higher up. Sexy? Definitely. This is how Ashley reinvented the use of crop tops for curvy plus size women who can look fabulous in them, if worn right. Just follow her Instagram account to get more inspiration and golden advice.


#3 Treat yourself to good undergarments.

This is the foundation to your every outfit. Proper undergarments can enhance your look. “Find the perfect bra to create the perfect silhouette. My motto is it starts with the bra. Plus, you can show your lingerie off underneath your clothes—it will make you feel all kinds of sexy.” Ashley Graham advises her fans. Ashley also claims that one thing every curvy plus size girl should do is wear a strapless bra, but go down one size in the band only. This will create a lifting effect. We’re sure that Ashley’s husband can confirm the success of these lingerie choices.


#4 Balance body proportions.

Ashley Graham makes everything look so easy and natural, and this advice goes into the same category. For example, curvy girls with big hips can balance them out with a fuller pant or skirt. Sharp shoulder blouses can also obtain you the same balanced, smooth, stylish effect. It’s really easy to be a seductive curvy girl when you have fashion of your side and, of course, Ashley’s recommendations.


#5 Show off your body’s strong points.

There’s surely at least one part of your curvy body you like and feel comfortable showing off. If you don’t like your arms, it’s ok to cover them, but don’t be shy in showing off your legs. That’s Ashley’s advice so embrace what you love about yourself and show off with confidence.


#6 Wear your bust with confidence.

If you have a generous bust, don’t be afraid to show it off. You don’t need to wear a deep cleavage if you’re not confortable with it. But a V-neck shape will create a very feminine and appealing effect on your overall look.


#7 Create a feminine waist.

Waist is essential in creating a harmonious body shape. So create a waist effect with every occasion. You can easily ask your tailor to nip your outfits for you, at the waist. This is a great way to show off a defined waist. “Cross-body draping works to create curves through the midsection” – sais Ashley.

Ashley Graham is a real inspiration for all curvy and plus size girls out there. Following her most important advice, you can easy gain at least some of her self-confidence and rock each outfit you wear.

For more styling tips and outfit ideas from Ashley, be sure to follow her Instagram page or simply follow her through the news to get inspired.