For the longest time, it has been assumed that African men are wired to prefer curvy women over slim women. Science has however proven that all men, regardless of their age, race and personalities tend to prefer curvy women over slim women. The University of Texas conducted a study where men confessed to loving a woman who has a pronounced back-to-buttock curve.

The study involved 100 men who were required to rank the attractiveness of images of various women photographed by the researchers. The men showed preference of women who had a clear back to buttock curve of about 45.5 degrees. This is has been known to be the best angle for lumbar curvature.

During the ancient times, theoretically, this angle meant that the women were able to carry more successful pregnancies. This natural spin structure enabled the women to balance their weight over their hips.  In turn, the women were more effective when foraging pregnancies and were less likely to suffer spinal injuries in turn. Men thought that if they sired children with women who had this curvature, they have a higher chance of getting more children without injuries. Unlike popular beliefs, beauty is not completely arbitrary or in the beholder’s eyes as many belief. It is an adaptive logic as scientists have come to believe.

In another experiment conducted by researchers with three women; athletic, curvy and slim figured women, the experiment showed that men look at curvy women much more than they do any other type of women. The men wore an eye-tracking device that tracked what body types they were attracted to. In the experience, even the men who admitted that they were not interested in any of the women, generally stared at the curvy woman for longer than 36 seconds. The slim woman did not get looked at for more than 15 seconds by all the men who participated in the experiment. But why are men attracted to women with a curvy figure?

Curvy women look younger

According to scientific research, women who are a curvier tend to look younger than their age.  They have a little fat that tends to grease their wrinkles, and so they have skin that is beautiful and smooth. This takes years off their ages and makes them look younger. Every man wants to have a woman at his side who makes him look and feel younger than he is. The younger your woman seems, the more envy you will get when you walk with her in the streets or at an event. A curvy woman has a great figure and has vibrant skin that draws everyone towards her.

Curvy women are considered more fertile than slim women

Whether we want to admit it or not, men are breeders. There is an animal instinct in every man wants a woman that he can breed with and have children. When looking for a person to settle down with, every man looks for a woman who can be a great mother to their children. For eight out of ten men, they want a woman with tangible assets. No, it’s not cars and money, are a curvy booty and a nice burst that shows some cleavage and not just bones.  Even ancient civilizations, a woman with big boobs and wide hips was considered fertile and a great mother as compared to a woman who is tiny.


Men often judge a book by its cover. Therefore they tend to think that slim ladies are immature at times. Sometimes, especially if the slim woman is a tomboy, they consider it the same as being in a relationship with a dude. However, with a plus size woman, regardless of whether they have tomboy tendencies or not, they are considered more feminine.  The number of men who love going out with friends and their curvy girlfriends outnumbers those with slim girlfriends. Men tend to think that curvy woman as strong and not as sensitive as women who are thin. They also tend to think that a curvy woman has more libido than a slim woman. Therefore, they are more likely to have more sexual encounters with curvy women that with slim women. Obviously, men love where there is plenty of sex.

Curvy girls and softer

Because they have fat that hides their bones, curvy women tend to be softer. This is also true because their skin is softer and smoother. Slim women have a frame that tends to be difficult, and there is a perception that slim women are boney which is not inspiring for men looking for romantic partners.


While there is a huge number of men who body shame plus size women, the truth is that deep down; they would love to have these women by their side. It is also probably because plus size women are hard to get and require men of substance before they commit.