If you’re a curvy plus size girl, you know that it’s not always easy finding the perfect jeans for your body type. Than again, who said that curvy girls can’t slay in the perfect denims? The secret is to find the right pair to compliment your shape and style and put your best assets into light.

As fashion designers understand curvy women’s wish to look great, more and more options of outwear are becoming available. You just have to know which ones are your best options. “It’s best to begin by trying on many different brands.” says Ruth Basloe, Styling Director at Nordstrom. Each designer has its own template of dimensions, therefore you need to try and find the one that fits with your body design.

There are a lot of aspects to be taken into consideration when looking for the right jeans, from the dimension, to the cut, details, material and many more. And most importantly, you have to feel comfortable in them.

Tips when looking for the perfect jeans for a curvy plus size body

  1. Throw your old baggy plus size jeans and make room in your closet for good fitting jeans that will give you a plus of self confidence and style. A good pair of denims should give length to your legs, slim your waist and figure, create and enhance your curves and cover your trouble areas successfully.
  2. Find the best cut to fit your body shape. Not all types of jeans or brands have a cut that can fit your curves. Each body is unique and not everybody can afford a tailor to create custom pieces. And who says you can only get one pair of perfect jeans if you’re a plus size woman? Be it skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, boot cut jeans, ripped jeans or white jeans, you can find the right one for you.
  3. One recommended type of jeans is the ones with mid-to-high rise. This jeans conformation often compliment curvy plus size women who wish to look more appealing and feel comfortable at the same time. You can choose a pair of skinny black jeans that will create a thigh slimming effect and hide your tummy. For inspiration, you can look at Lucky Brand or Good American’s collections. Most designers recommend mid-rise styles that offer a flattering fit for a curvy body.
  4. Find the type of stretch that makes you comfortable. You can find low stretch, stretch and high stretch materials in most jeans design, but the secret is to find the one that your body conforms to. A suited pair of stretch jeans has to be compatible to your body type. They should create a lengthen effect for your legs, accentuate the booty or contour it just the right way and be fitted in the waist and hip. This way, you get a harmonious silhouette. Levis have a great jeans collection for curvy plus size women, designed to offer them good style, comfort and a perfect fit for their body.
  5. Try on different pairs of jeans and walk around in them a little more to get a sense of how they feel. Do they sit properly on your body? Do you feel as if they’re falling down? Is the waist too loose or too tight or does it feel relaxed? Take all this into consideration when you’re out jeans shopping to be sure you go home with the proper pair of denims. Buying a pair of jeans that look good but don’t feel comfortable will be a waist of your money and style. Mavi has a great pair of mom jeans that looks great, feels great and enhance a beautiful figure.
  6. Try the brand offline before ordering it online. If you’re first time shopping from an online brand, be sure to go and try the jeans offline before ordering them. This is a safe step if you haven’t worn the brand before and don’t know how the cut is or how the material feels.
  7. Don’t neglect the booty. How your booty feels and looks in a pair of jeans is an important aspect in the buying process. Is the cut good for you? Back pockets also count, as their positioning, style and size should offer you a flattering fit. Paige Adams-Geller, Co-Founder and Creative Director of PAIGE, recommends the Margot Ultra Skinny to women who want to embrace their curves and have a cut that flatters their booty.

No matter what your curvy plus size body conformation is, rest assured that there is at least one perfect pair of jeans out there for you. Once you pin your body configuration and understand what styles compliment your body, you can go shopping. Take your time and really feel the jeans types and try them on to get a better grip of how you’d feel in them. From here on, all that remains is to include the perfect jeans in fabulous outfits that will show everyone just what a fabulous curvy plus size woman you are!