In order to live the contented life of a chic and curvy female the human nature trait towards
over-indulgence needs to be controlled.  One innocuous place to test self-control can be found at the supermarket.  The veritable ‘paradise aisle’ (isle) filled with goodies that satisfy the appetite for
sweet, salty, fatty — mmm, mmm, tasty foods!  A self-indulging paradise that can satiate the appetite for whatever is the heart’s desire akin to that Garden of Eden of biblical history that resulted in Eve and Adam coming to a downfall.

The method of temptation used in the modern day supermarkets comes via advertising and marketing creative expression with knowledge and understanding of humanity’s five senses. The understanding of sense of sight brings colorful sale displays and packaging, sometimes using a touch of whimsy, spurring the imaginative ‘seeing’ of the ‘snap, crackle, and pop’ in action when milk hits cereal, or a lucky leprechaun that speaks of the magic of cereal, or cookies made by elves in a tree – how cute!  There is the selling tactic of placing the ‘yummy’ and ‘costly’ cake and cookies at eye level and within touch to pick it up and smell the aromatic scent.  Sometimes a free taste will bring a shopper to being a buyer. Then there is the happy or relaxing music heard from the PA system that promotes a happy, free spending mindset.  Yes, the five senses inherent in all human nature: sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing are all hard at work with every step you take down those magical aisles.

Common Sense Cents Savings Tips


I mentioned five senses inherent in human nature: sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing — but
left off, until now, the most important ‘sense’ when shopping for the food you will need for the week. The most important sense to bring with you to the supermarket along with a well-planned grocery list is common sense.  When the list exists you will be less likely to buy on impulse when viewing those creative marketing displays.

Next:  Keep in mind the reason for eating is to feed your body good nutritious foods.  This understanding
along with remembering the advice given to Adam and Eve to stay from the tree in the center of their
garden will bring you to avoid as much as possible the center aisles where the processed or manufactured food cans ‘can not’ be touched lest you risk turning into a ‘pillar of salt’ for the sodium
content found in such processed foods.  Be aware that in supermarkets, the fresh fruits and vegetables
and meat and natural dairy products are found at the perimeter of the store.

Distance yourself from processed food products and instead remember the facts on fiber.  Fiber is filling and if you include healthy fiber as part of your meal plan you will naturally cut down the portions of the meat and vegetables you serve. Move your cart to the alternative to white rice or pasta and buy brown rice.  A two-pound bag of brown rice is two dollars and ‘a little’ serves much.

Instead of the  ‘magically delicious’ (laden with sugar) expensive cereals endorsed by a little leprechaun for the kids, consider the more nutritious and filling breakfast option of cooked oatmeal. Oatmeal comes in large containers and good for many servings.

Consider the Russet potato as part of a healthy egg breakfast rather than buying the expensive
and fatty bacon. A five-pound bag of Russet potatoes is a bit less than $4 and you get at least 11 to 13 potatoes per bag.  A potato can reduce cholesterol. (With common sense, it isn’t mashed with lots of butter) The skin contains soluble fiber that is good for picking up the lipoproteins in body known as LDL that brings cholesterol problems.  Slice or dice one potato, fry in olive oil for a delicious breakfast of hash browns and scramble egg . . .  mmm mmm.  Natural and home cooked hash brown potatoes are a much healthier alternative to costly bacon or the usual white toast and butter.  Potatoes provide 3 grams of fiber, vitamin C, five grams of protein, iron and potassium. A potato also slows sugar absorption and thus brings more stable blood glucose.  Stable blood glucose stabilizes the appetite.  Consider also baking a potato in microwave for the brown bag lunch, with small amount of sour cream, as the alternative to expensive cold cuts.

Watch the caffeine! Caffeine is found in cola and non-cola sodas and fruit juices. Soda is a drink that leaves one full — of empty calories!  Change that habit and opt for plain water with fresh lemon bought in vegetable department at meals or make your own natural ‘sweetened’ or ‘unsweetened’ ice tea from real tea bags. A 100-count box of tea bags, store brand or name brand, is about two to four dollars — for 100 tea bags!  A 32 oz. pitcher of cold brewed iced tea will take approximately four tea bags for a total drink cost of $1.60!  Consider also drinking a healthy glass of milk and add a powdered chocolate mix to satisfy the sweet tooth — rather than buying the cookies, cake, or expensive chocolate candy bars.  The calcium in natural milk builds those strong bones and teeth.

Buy fruit when in season and abundant and you will find more reasonable prices.  Although a global economy allows our taste buds to have whatever we wish year round, the cost of shipping fruit (or veggies) that are not in season in your locale will bring higher prices.  Consider shopping for in-season fruit and veggies at farmers markets where overhead costs are less for the vendor. Buy fruit in bulk only
if you and family are going to eat the fruit.  It isn’t savings if you have to toss fruit gone bad.


The above suggestions are food for thought. With your own good use of common sense and creativity to choose alternative ways to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, your body and budget will be less pinched.