It’s easy being a sexy curvy plus size girl when you know the proper fashion tricks to pay attention to. These days, it’s easier than before to create perfect outfits that will compliment your body and enhance your appearance. You can be on top of your fashion game if you take into consideration a few rules and mistakes you should avoid doing.

As curvy is the new sexy, more and more stars give plus size women the confidence needed to look fabulous. Just look at Kim Kardashian or Ashley Graham, they inspire women worldwide to wear their curves with pride. So if you haven’t yet, now it’s time to embrace your plus size body and love every curve on it!

Fashion tricks for curvy plus size women

#1 Start with the perfect underwear. For a curvy woman, the bra is an important part of a successful outfit. Choose a bra that will offer you the necessary support for your breasts and put their shape in focus. Just as important is to choose a proper shape wear. All these can create a slimmer effect for your body, add definition to your curves and reduce or enhance the right parts of your body.

#2 Choose fit clothes. Many plus size women think that baggy clothes will make them look slimmer. Same principle goes for body-hugging clothes. Moderation is key, so don’t choose clothes that are either too loose or too tight for your body. The perfect outfit should fit your waist, making it smaller and provide comfort for trouble areas. Button-up shirts or tailored blazers, for example, are a perfect fit for your style and body size. Curvy fashion is the new fashion, so embrace it.

#3 V-necks elongate your silhouette. If you also have a generous bust, don’t be shy in showing it off, but be careful not to look vulgar. These kinds of cleavages make you more feminine and gracious, so be sure to have a few in your wardrobe. Check-out Fashion Nova and choose from their collections fashion items to make your style pop.

#5 Be on the lookout for plus size fashion. More and more designers are creating fabulous pieces for plus size ladies fashion that look great. These days, you can get inspired from new summer or winter plus size collections. Even plus size fashion shows give more and more women even more confidence than before. You can find a source of inspiration on Ashley Graham’s Instagram page and learn from the plus size model how to look spectacular. Take a virtual tour or Torrid and you’ll find a lot of really cool fashion options for plus size girls. Plus, they’re trendy so you’ll be connected to what curvy women are wearing these days.

#6 Accessorize with belts. The proper ones will slim your waist and define your curves. Don’t hold back in choosing plus size dress that will look gorgeous on you with the right wide belt. You can use the belt for tops, dresses, covers and trench coats or other fashion items.

#7 Choose clothes that will make your legs look beautiful. You can wear skirts or dresses just above or under the knee. The hem line starting from here will help in the overall appearance and slim your legs. Shorter, fitted jackets will also flatter your legs—and waist.

#8 Go for high-waist skirts or jeans. The high-rise will make your waist seem smaller and cover the larger parts of your body. Plus, you’ll feel comfortable and you won’t worry that your pants or skirt will fall down.


What fashion mistakes to avoid if you’re a plus size woman

Now that we’ve established what the best tricks are for curvy size girls in creating perfect outfits, let’s turn our attention to fashion mistakes plus size women should avoid making.

#1 Large clothes will make you look large. Be sure to opt for fitted clothes that can enhance your figure’s advantage and tuck the problem areas. Take a look around Forever 21 plus size options and choose something that fits your body style.

#2 Stop trying to hide your belly fat. This is actually one of the main reasons for choosing baggy clothes. Embrace your belly and wear it with pride under a cool dress and a wide belt.

#3 Black clothes aren’t your only option. We know that black is slimming, but this doesn’t mean you can’t wear bold colors or even whites.

#4 Avoid stripes and big patterns. They will create an enlarging effect that you don’t want. Choose small prints or vertical stripes and patterns or bold colors that will create a slimming fit effect.

#5 Don’t wear sheer tights as pants. As much as you want a slimming effect, this is not the way to do it. There are a lot of jeans and pants types effect for a plus size body, just watch the plus size fashion. You can have a cool pair of skinny jeans that will make you look beautiful.

Be sure to take into consideration all these dos and don’ts the next time you go out shopping. And remember, the most important aspect of your curvy girl outfit is your self confidence!