General questions
The Curvy Chic Women Program is a life changing program with a powerful set of techniques crafted from studying the most successful, famous, and curvy women of all time. Created by Gabrielle Goodman, the Founder of Chic Curvy Women, the program guides and inspires you to transform every aspect of your life.
The Curvy Chic Women program aims to boost your confidence and enrich every aspect of your life through a custom-made program and eBooks. The personalized step-by-step action plan has empowered hundreds of clients and transformed their emotions, beliefs, & feelings.
Curvy Chic Women offers personalized coaching sessions, programs, and eBooks. In addition to a free first-time consultation to address your concerns and help you become a confident Curvy Chic Women.
The Curvy Chic Women program offers eBooks that guide, inspire, and motivate you.
The personalized program aims to unlock the confidence, happiness, and freedom you deserve and help you prepare for any upcoming event or celebration.
Definitely yes, the personalized program is designed exclusively to empower all women regardless of their size.
Simply navigate to “Yes! Book my free consultation now” button. Enter your name and other details and with the click of a button you can book your personalized coaching session. You will receive an email confirmation and further details on your consultation.
Once you’ve successfully signed up for the Chick Curvy Women program, you’ll be able to successfully access your personalized download as promised.
The Curvy Chic Women Program is only available in English right now.
Your satisfaction is our first and the foremost priority. And our return policy is quite simple: If you are not completely satisfied with our program in the next 60 days just email our customer service team and we’ll do our best to help resolve your problem and issue you a refund.