Like other fashion clothes and shoes, size zero, extra thin models and celebrities are slowly being taken over by curvy oversize 8 models. Times are changing, thin is no longer sexy and fat is no longer lazy. More bootilicious ladies and coming to the limelight with hourglass figures and round booties. This article will feature great plus size models that have shown women that they do not have to have a stick figure or use Photoshop to hide those curves. They are showing women that you just have to be proud of what your mama gave you and show it off like no one’s business. These models have stayed strong, held their ground and made it in an industry that has been body shaming women and created so many stereotypes about women who are plus-size. These famous plus-size models have shown women all over the world that they too can be plus size bikini models.

Ashley Graham

While all the models on this list have had a huge impact on the plus size lingerie models industry, none has revolutionalized the industry like Ashley graham. She changed the industry forever when she `was featured on the sports illustrated swimsuit cover. She was the first plus size model to be featured on the cover and she did an impeccable job. She made the world stand up and take notice of a woman who could wear plus size clothing, look great and be confident in her own skin. She is a multi-talented beauty who has recently signed the Ford models and has been featured in high fashion magazines and participates in numerous retail campaigns. She has inspired plus size women to be confident in their own skin. She has been proof that just because a woman is plus size does not mean that she cannot pursue any career she wants and succeed at it.

Iskra Lawrence

Iskra is an English model born in 1990. She is one of the beautiful plus size models who has made it in the industry. She models a brand of clothing from the American eagle outfitters. She is one of the plus size models Instagram whose pictures are not tampered with. She is also brave enough to call out body shamer and even takes them on her Instagram page. She refuses to be called plus size because she knows she is beautiful and she is only embracing what God gave her. She began her modeling career at 13 and has stayed strong in an industry that needs perfection.

Louise  O’Reilly

She is one of Ireland’s most famous plus-size models. Her story is one that resembles that of most plus size women in the world. As a teenager, she was bullied because she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and was on the heavier side. She used medication for her condition and ended up slimming down to size 16. She has signed with up to 8 modeling agencies all over the world. She has her blog known as style me curvy, and she shares her curvy Kate clothes and her positive message with people who are plus size and are feeling down.

Katya Zharkova

This is a sexy and beautiful Russian model. She is size 14 and five foot ten inches tall. She has a tinny waist and a large bust. She has worked hard to make the industry better. She has been featured in an 8-page nude plus size spread magazine where she was featured in a straight slim figured model. There were also modeling statistics that showed just how unfair the industry is to plus size women.  She shed light on the world’s unrealistic standards and was the first plus size model to appear on Russia’s cosmopolitan magazine. She is a symbol of hope for all plus size women. She shows them that there are unnatural standards set in the world but it does not mean everyone should conform.

Precious lee

She was the first plus-size model to be featured in the sports illustrated swimsuit issue. Being featured on this magazine made her famous and created a pathway for her in the modeling industry. She was also the first black plus size model to appear in Vogue magazine. On her Instagram page, she does not show just her beautiful body; she also shows her eyes, skin and other features that make her appearance even more beautiful. She has plus size friends and surrounds herself with role models. She teaches women that they should rely on each other for support to feel confident each day in their own skin and their size.


Plus size women have received a lot of stigmatization and discrimination through the years because of their size. These women show that it is possible to be plus size, successful and beautiful in a career that is filled with body shamers and slim models.