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In order to live the contented life of a chic and curvy female the human nature trait towards over-indulgence needs to be controlled.  One innocuous place to test self-control can be found at the supermarket.  The veritable ‘paradise aisle’ (isle) filled with goodies that satisfy the appetite for sweet, salty, fatty — mmm, mmm, tasty foods!  A self-indulging paradise that can satiate the appetite for whatever is the heart’s desire akin to that Garden of Eden of biblical history that resulted in Eve and Adam

‘Slim Pickings’ — pardon the pun ladies, but I am sure you would agree that such term would best describe the traditional ‘brick and mortar’ shopping ‘expedition’ for casual or business attire.  Such traditional shopping always an exercise in futility for any female with ‘meat on their bones’ and a curve on the hips and waist as the fashions for sale speak loudly of a partiality in the fashion marketplace towards those females who aspire to be like the ‘cool’ fashion models and celebs of

  For the longest time, it has been assumed that African men are wired to prefer curvy women over slim women. Science has however proven that all men, regardless of their age, race and personalities tend to prefer curvy women over slim women. The University of Texas conducted a study where men confessed to loving a woman who has a pronounced back-to-buttock curve. The study involved 100 men who were required to rank the attractiveness of images of various women photographed by the researchers. The

Curvy women or commonly known as plus size women are beautiful. However, most of them have a problem appreciating themselves and accepting the fact that they look amazing. If you are plus size woman, then its time to take your ground and start enjoying the benefits of your body size.  Traditionally, curvy women have been marginalizing in the lingerie industry. However, in the recent past, the industry began to accommodate them with various lingerie that makes them look and feel sexy. There is numerous curvy

Plus size women are stigmatized, body shamed and discriminated every day. Most people do not want to be associated with someone fat because fat people are ugly. Well, the bare truth is that plus size women are the most beautiful women in the world. Most people tend to assume that just because a person weighs a couple more pounds than they do, they are lazy and should be shunned. Well, it does not always mean that a person who is plus size is not flexible.

Like other fashion clothes and shoes, size zero, extra thin models and celebrities are slowly being taken over by curvy oversize 8 models. Times are changing, thin is no longer sexy and fat is no longer lazy. More bootilicious ladies and coming to the limelight with hourglass figures and round booties. This article will feature great plus size models that have shown women that they do not have to have a stick figure or use Photoshop to hide those curves. They are showing women that

It’s easy being a sexy curvy plus size girl when you know the proper fashion tricks to pay attention to. These days, it’s easier than before to create perfect outfits that will compliment your body and enhance your appearance. You can be on top of your fashion game if you take into consideration a few rules and mistakes you should avoid doing. As curvy is the new sexy, more and more stars give plus size women the confidence needed to look fabulous. Just look at

Every body is unique in its appearance shape. And when it comes to swimsuits for curvy plus size women, choosing them needs to follow a few rules. This way, you make sure that you get the best swimwear to compliment your body. In comparison with any other types of outwear, swimsuits reveal a generous part of your body. And each of us certainly has physical aspects that they’d like to highlight or cover so they can obtain a great look. The fashion market offers a

If you’re a curvy plus size girl, you know that it’s not always easy finding the perfect jeans for your body type. Than again, who said that curvy girls can’t slay in the perfect denims? The secret is to find the right pair to compliment your shape and style and put your best assets into light. As fashion designers understand curvy women’s wish to look great, more and more options of outwear are becoming available. You just have to know which ones are your best

Ashley Graham is one of the most body confident women we know and her attitude has inspired millions of curvy and plus size women around the world. A queen of style and confidence, she’s the go-to girl for the best fashion advice. Why? Easy: because she can make you go from a regular curvy woman to a stylish one. Ashley recently appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated, showcasing her fabulous look after her recent weight loss in bathing suits and attitude and inspiring women