Every body is unique in its appearance shape. And when it comes to swimsuits for curvy plus size women, choosing them needs to follow a few rules. This way, you make sure that you get the best swimwear to compliment your body.

In comparison with any other types of outwear, swimsuits reveal a generous part of your body. And each of us certainly has physical aspects that they’d like to highlight or cover so they can obtain a great look.

The fashion market offers a lot of swimsuits and swim styles each year. Finding swimwear in the right size — and with adequate support — is invaluable when it comes to feeling confident and comfortable and attractive.

Plus-size model Aimee Cheshire explained that “In the past, plus-size and curvy women were told to avoid bikinis, embrace the ‘miracle suit,’ wear black, and hide their bodies under cover-ups. Today, the plus industry is changing from a position of ‘concealing’ to ‘revealing’ — more and more brands are creating swimsuits for curvy bodies, so you can step away from basic black and find styles that fit your personality and flatter your body.”  And this is exactly what every curvy, plus size woman deserves.

How to choose swimsuits for a curvy, plus size body

We know this isn’t an easy chore, so we want to offer you the best tips to help you find a perfect swimsuit for your style. Luckily, a lot of designers and brands offer a wide range of swimwear in a variety of models, colors, details and prints to satisfy different taste and styles. We believe that every body is a bikini body, so let’s find the perfect one for you.

  1. One-piece swimsuits can make you feel sexy and confident. With the proper cut, a one-piece can support the top and with a waist cut, can make your figure look great. The mid-section control is the secret of rocking a one-piece swimsuit. Be stylish and choose your favorite prints for this piece.
  2. Swim bottoms can make your booty look great. Just look at Target plus size swim, they have a wide variety of bottoms in all shapes, prints and stylish cuts. Don’t be shy in choosing a tropical pattern that will give you more confidence and color. At Target you can also find a generous offer of high waist swim bottoms. They’re perfect for tummy control, creating a beautiful waist and offering you all the needed support.
  3. Choose a swim top to offer you support. The more support your bikini top offers you, the more comfortable you’ll. Wired tops make sure to compliment your breasts, enhancing them. Look for tank top styles with full coverage and study straps. A longer top paired with a high waist swim bottom can create a beautiful waist and accentuate your curvy figure. Be bold and choose your favorite colors to add some style to your swim outfit. You can look through Forever 21 plus size swim models; you have a lot of cool options fit for your plus size body.
  4. Who says you only need one type of swimwear? Choose more swimsuit types for different occasions, styles or destinations. You can add to your collection a swim skirt or a swim dress to give you a more feminine look and create a beautiful appearance for you. Choose a pair of swim shorts to give your legs more beauty. Don’t neglect your swim cover, who said you can’t look fabulous on your way to the beach? Moreover, these cover ups are meant to keep your figure in check and compliment your body assets. Torrid swim has a variety of cool swim covers in different prints, models and shapes. Moreover, they provide diversity in style, so you can go for a romantic, cool, naive or sexy swim outfit. Plus, there’s another advantage: you can mix and match different pieces and get the effect of a new swimsuit.
  5. Study prints. A lot of bathing suits have prints that can help slim your appearance. Some of them create an optical illusion meant to take attention from your problematic areas, such as your waist. Foe example, don’t go for horizontal lines prints, as they create a widening effect and you don’t want that. Choose bright colors, animal prints or other designs that will make you look great.

No matter what your curvy plus size body specifics are, rest assured that will definitely find a perfect swimsuit for you out there. Happily, designers have created a variety of swim wear that can get you great results. Some of them are for better support in your trouble areas. Others give you the advantage of a slim waist or keep your tummy in control. Some swimsuits can slim your hips. Just be sure to know your body conformation and choose something that will give you a plus of self confidence, style and charisma.