Earn “Curvy Chic” Cash with our Affiliate Marketing Program

Are you a passionate affiliate marketer?

Are you a health nut?

Are you someone who has struggled with your weight, used our solutions and want to share it with others WHILE making an income?

If you said 'yes' to any of the questions listed above keep reading for your chance to unlock hundreds or even thousands of dollars in passive income with our unique affiliate program.

Benefits of Our Affiliate Program

Part of a positive body image movement.

Make money while you sleep.

Stop work hard and start working

Clickbank does most of the work for you – creating links and tracking income.

Supporting a weight loss program that is FAST, EFFECTIVE, HEALTHY, and EMPOWERING.

What is Affiliate Marketing and How Can it Change Your Life?


Affiliate marketing is taking the world by storm - it's the new way to make passive income and unlock the potential of your life.  Just imagine what you could do if you made money while you slept, while you ate, while you VACATIONED.  Affiliate marketing allows you to do just that.


By promoting our program and coaching on your website, social media pages, and mailing list you receive payment EVERY TIME someone makes a purchase based on one of your leads.  EVERY TIME.  It doesn't matter what time of day, it doesn't matter where in the world this person is, you make money every time someone purchases from your link!


Make 75% Commission on Most Sales


You probably feel like you must be dreaming, right?  You're not.


Our unique affiliate program allows you to make up to 75% commission on sales generated by your leads.  That's over $35 on the sale of an Curvy Chic Women program and over $17 for the sale of our larger eBook!


You have the potential to make over $70 PER CUSTOMER.


Most other affiliate programs offer you the chance to make anywhere from 3% to 30% of a sale, but we offer you 50-75% commission.


And not only will you be making a great passive income, you will be promoting a program that puts people first and enhances both their physical AND mental health.


Let me see your Affiliate tools page, I'm ready to join your program.



We really can’t drive this point home enough.  Affiliate marketing is the best way to generate passive income.  All you have to do is put in the effort to write true, valid reviews of our products and services for your own readers and web visitors then sit back as they click their way over to our website, make a purchase, and fill your bank account.

Here are a few quick tips for making the most of your affiliate partnership:

  • Write quality reviews that relate to your readers’ interests and experiences.
  • Harness your social media’s incredible sales potential by scheduling posts that share your reviews.
  • Use your mailing list as a tool by sending your blog posts and reviews directly to your audience’s inboxes.
  • Write special posts for holidays, seasons, the New Year and more! – We highly suggest taking advantage of New Year health resolutions!!
  • Learn as much as possible about SEO and use SEO best practices to bring more readers to your posts.
  • Use pictures and tag them in the “alt text” area of their settings with phrases people will type into search engines so they come up in image searches.


Why Become an Affiliate Partner for the Curvy Chic Women Program?


Before committing to any business partnership it's good to ask yourself, "Is this right for me?"  While some affiliate programs may just try to focus their affiliate pages on talking you into participating we actually want you to think it through. We want you to take the time to consider this program and make sure that your goals and vision are in line with our own.


The Vision of the Curvy Chic Program

We promote healthy body image and embracing your own inner and outer beauty.  Unlike other weight loss programs than bank on you feeling bad about yourself we promote positive feelings toward your body.


We focus on weight loss for health not to be sexy because you are already sexy just as you are.


Don't you want to be part of a program like that?  One that encourages women to lose weight for the right reasons and empowers them to feel good about themselves, inside and out?


Read what our customers have had to say about their overwhelmingly positive experiences.



Who's Behind the Curvy Chic Women Program?


Great question!  Why pair up with another business for a joint affiliate venture when you don't even know who is behind it all?  Well, many programs ask you to do just that, but we're different.


As the creator of the program, I am someone who, myself, has dealt with weight struggles and the emotional upheaval that often comes with it.  I have tried countless weight loss programs to no avail.  Sometimes I'd lose a bit of weight at the beginning but it always plateaued (if it worked at all).  Then, of course, came the shame.  The spiraling, self-defeated questions - "What's wrong with me?  Why can't I do this?"


It took me a while to find something that worked and to realize that it's NOT me that's the problem - it was the weight loss programs I was using.  So, finding what worked, I turned it into the Curvy Chic Women Program to make the weight loss process easier and more empowering for other women. 


Read more about my vision here.



We Give You Incredible Commission Rates


Don’t forget, you will be earning up to 75% commission on the sales made from your leads.


That is how sure we are that this program will SELL.  We know that it will sell so well that we, ourselves, don’t even need to take a large percentage – all the sales will add up for us, just imagine what that means to you when you get 50-75% commission!


This sounds like something I want to be involved in. Let's connect on our Affiliate Tools page!


How Do I Become a Curvy Chic Affiliate?


We run our affiliate program through Clickbank so you will need a Clickbank account in order to actually participate in the program.


What? That's so much work! Well, in all honesty, Clickbank is a great way to protect yourself online when working with affiliate programs.  And it's just as helpful to us because it streamlines the entire process.


1Step One – Get a Clickbank ID

You will have to visit Clickbank’s own website and sign up for their service in order to get your Clickbank ID.  To do so you will also have to agree to their terms of service, so take a moment to read those over as well.


2Step Two – Read Our Terms of Service

Toward the bottom of this page you will see our terms of service.  These are in place to protect you, us, and our customers.  Take some time to read this over and be absolutely certain you are willing to follow the rules.  By following through with “Step Three” you are effectively agreeing to these terms.

3Step Three – Generate Your Unique Link

Once you are all set up with Clickbank and you’ve agreed to our terms of service you can use the Hoplink generator at the bottom of this page to get your unique affiliate link for our programs and products.  By inserting this link into your web pages you can send your readers to our website where they can make purchases.

4Step Four – Write Awesome Content

It should go without saying that you will have to write some great content to explain the benefits of our program as well as your own opinions of it to your readers.  Remember to use SEO best practices to take that content to the next level.

5Step Five – Cash In

At this point, if you’ve created awesome content and brought interested readers to your website you should be generating income off your 50-75% commission.  This money will be held for you in your Clickbank account where you can access it at any time.

After signing up for a Clickbank ID you will be able to use the Hoplink generator at the bottom of this page to create your own unique affiliate link.  Just slap this link into relevant pages and posts on your own website and you will get started in our affiliate program!


Terms of Service 

Before you can join the affiliate program you must read and agree to our terms of service.

Of course there are a few rules we need to have in order to keep everything user-friendly and to ensure that our customers are treated the way they deserve to be treated (which, by the way, is EXCELLENT - they deserve to be treated like queens!)  So, let's just get down to it and cover a few need-to-know basics for participating in the affiliate program.  We promise to keep this as painless as possible.


Failure to adhere to the following terms of service will result in termination of affiliate marketing agreement and banning from future participation in the program.


Always Follow Clickbank’s Rules

Since we use Clickbank for our affiliate program you must agree to their terms of service as well as our own.  As an affiliate marketer you are not only representing us and our program out there in the world, you are also representing Clickbank.  Check out their terms of service here.


Start With Respect

We have worked hard to grow a positive, empowering program for women’s health and we need affiliate marketers who are focused on representing it in a positive, empowering way.  As part of our terms we include that all webpage, social media posts, etc. connected to an affiliate link for our program, products, or services must not include slander, prejudice, demeaning terms, or in any other way be hurtful to any person or persons.


Truth Matters

Another stipulation of our program is that all of our affiliate marketers must be truthful in their postings on web pages, blogs, social media, etc.  Do not promise anything we have not already backed with a guarantee.  Do not make special offers in regard to pricing.  Language, advertisements, and content should not be deceptive or misleading in any way.

This also applies to your representation of yourself.  No affiliate shall misrepresent himself, herself, or themselves by pretending to be someone they are not, pretending to have used products and services they have not used, or implying that they are direct representatives of our company.

All affiliates must disclose their affiliate marketing relationship with our company as well as Clickbank on their websites to maintain transparency for consumers.


Abide by Laws

Always remain aware of and follow any state or federal laws which are related to advertising, marketing, consumers, and affiliates.  Failure to adhere to these laws and regulations may result in termination of the affiliate marketing arrangement.

Laws vary by country, state, province and, at times, municipality and should be evaluated on an individual basis to be certain you are following the laws in your home country/state/province/etc.  As a United States company we are ourselves bound by United States laws and these bindings branch out to our affiliates including but not limited to the following U.S. laws and regulations: Federal Trade Commission Act, the Better Business Bureau’s National Advertising Division, The Federal Trade Commission’s Testimonials and Endorsements Guides, Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act of 2003.


No Advertisements Using Our Trademarked Names

None of our trademarked names or terms may be used when creating ads for your own website, social media pages, or other endeavors.  That means that as an affiliate marketer you agree not to place ads on other websites, such as Google, which use our trademarked names and terms or which make any promises or references to our product.



I read and agree to the terms of service, take me to Affiliate Tool page!


Or signup for your Clickbank affiliate account here:


If you already have a Clickbank affiliate account you can generate your Curvy Chic Women affiliate link here: